2017 Chevrolet Express Preview And Details Before You Buy

2017 Chevrolet Express Preview And Details Before You Buy – The 2017 Chevrolet Express is the most demanding van for Chevy’s lovers out there. What makes its as demanded car is because some official details of this van by its automaker. For your information, there will be 2 versions of Express next year. They are 2500 and 3500 Series. It means that people will have some options to find the best van for their business or family. Of course, they will have different experience while driving this updated van. This van look makes us knowing how versatile it is on the city road especially on its cabin and engine.

2017 Chevrolet Express Concept

2017 Chevrolet Express Inteiror


When we read the entire new specs and photos of 2017 Chevrolet Express, we found some differences between the new Express and its predecessors. The change starts from the aggressive look rather than other City Express before, thanks to the chrome cover from Chevy. Meanwhile, new bumpers define something edgier than before of Express’s look. Meanwhile, the grille looks integrated with the new headlights on the front side. The main difference between the Express 2500 and 3500 Series is located on the size for both models where the 3500 Series is larger around 135 inches of 2017 Chevrolet Expresswheelbase.

2017 Chevrolet Express Specification

2017 Chevrolet Express Release Date


Inside the van, we found new seat arrangement. It is 3-row seats which are able to carry twelve people at once. This shows how large this van especially on the back seats. Chevy is not only giving larger cabin but also comfortable features. It is shown by the legroom space which offers comfort for every passenger of this van. If you think 12 persons are not enough, you can add 2 more passengers with adjustable seats on the back. Moreover, all seats are covered by leather wrapping.  Meanwhile, the dashboard shows us how modern this van with some touchscreens and connectivity. This van has been improved so well by Chevy and you won’t be regretted to purchase the 2017 Chevrolet Express this year.

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